MET Rivale MIPS Helmet 2021

MET Rivale MIPS Helmet 2021

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The Rivale (MIPS) Road Helmet sets a new standard for aero performance, refined levels of comfort and fit, alongside the very best in cutting-edge head-protection technology. 

Safety First

The Rivale (MIPS) Road Helmet is first and foremost, focused on protecting your head should you be unfortunate to find yourself falling off your bike. The first line of defence is the combination of the shock-absorbing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner paired with a tough and durable polycarbonate shell. These are moulded seamlessly together and provide a helmet you can trust should you crash, soaking up impact forces and maintaining the integrity of the helmet. . Safety is then further enhanced via the MIPS-C2® Brain Protection System.

What is MIPS-C2®?

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a proven system that reduces the rotational forces on the brain when you're involved in a crash. The Rivale with MIPS technology is able to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash and as a result, the forces are absorbed and redirected to prevent them from being transmitted to the brain. 

In the event of a fall, the MIPS equipped helmet provides up to a 10% improvement in protection from certain impacts. This system sits unobtrusively between the Air Mesh comfort padding and EPS core, boosting protection without effecting comfort or adding unwieldy bulk. 

More Comfort. Improved Fit.

This iteration of the Rivale has also seen an improvement to comfort levels. Getting just the right fit every time is made possible by the Safe-T Upsilon Fit System. A twist of the rear dial allows you to get the fit just how you like it. This works in tandem with the 360-degree Head belt, with vertical adjustment, to ensure no pressure points and perfect stability. Air Mesh comfort pads also ensure sweat is quickly wicked away and they're washable too, letting you keep everything fresh on every ride. 

Aero Efficiency Optimised

The MET design team have honed the aero performance of the Rivale, making it better than ever, while still maintaining outstanding levels of ventilation. The NACA Vent built-in with a lower and tube-shaped profile makes the Rivale MIPS even more aerodynamic than its predecessor. The front vents are now longer and wider, enhancing airflow into the helmet. Once inside, airflow rushes along internal air channels to give a boost to your comfort and dispel sweat vapour. The front vents can also serve as sunglasses docks.




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