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Spring SALES 2022




選擇以線下付款 (Manual Payments),額外可享3%折扣




  1. 活動只適用於網店自助下單。

  2. 活動期間發貨或較一般時效有所延誤,不接急單,如對發貨時效有疑問,請向客服聯繫。

  3. 活動訂單必須全數付款。

  4. 活動訂單除質量問題或特別說明,否則不設退換。下單前請確保所選的規格正確。

  5. 不參與活動商品包括但不限於:客服報價商品、Shimano 傳動/剎車零件、客製全車、租車預約、洗車預約、維修報價等。

  6. 如遇缺貨,客服將聯繫受影響的客人,安排退款。

  7. 鑒於疫情嚴重,為有效減少社交接觸及控制人流,建議客人盡量使用派送服務。所有選擇到店取貨的客人在收到取貨通知後,也必須以WhatsApp聯繫客服預約取貨。

  8. 如使用優惠卷"22SPRING”,但選用了線上支付,需補回優惠差額方會發貨

  9. 包郵訂單只適用於全單10kg或以下。如訂單超過10kg或含大件商品,整車、輪組等,只供自取或代叫客貨車送貨,詳情可參閱 "Shipping & Delivery"

2022 Spring SALE Starts! Up to 50% to selected products!

FREE SF Express delivery for all orders $2,000 or above. The sales will end on 2022/3/31.

Extra 3% cash discount would be given for order pay by“Manual payment".

Enjoy this additional offer by applying the coupon code "22SPRING" on checkout now!

Spring Sales 2022 T&Cs:

  1. The discount offer is only applicable to online store orders.

  2. Shipping & Delivery time may longer than usual and o urgent order would be taken during the sales period. Please contact our CS if you have any concerns. 

  3. Full payment is required for all orders during the sales period

  4. No refund or exchange is allowed unless faulty items. Please ensure the specification is correct before placing your order.

  5. Products that are not joining this sales event include but are not limited to CS quotation, Shimano derivation/ breaking parts, bike building, and all rental & service items

  6. The refund would be given if the product is out of stock to the affected customers

  7. In view of the recent serious COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong, we strongly recommend customers to use our delivery service. For all store pick up orders, customers MUST reserve the pickup time with our CS by WhatsApp when they received the pickup notice

  8. If coupon "22SPRING" is used but payment is made online, the customer must pay back the difference before the order is shipped

  9. FREE shipping is only applicable for orders with a total of 10kg or below and excluded the large-volume items, e.g complete bike & wheelset. For details, please refer to "Shipping & Delivery"

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