The IBEX 2.0 road helmet is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable helmet designed to provide optimal ventilation. Its unique shape improves aerodynamics and allows it to evacuate heat more quickly.

Developed in HJC’s own wind tunnel laboratory, the IBEX integrates the Venturi Dynamics to balance the air resistance force. The helmet is perfectly suited for intense effort and hot weather conditions thanks to its impressive and well balanced design.


    Incredibly light, at just 200 grams, and extremely well ventilated, with 16 optimised air vents, the HJC Ibex 2.0 Helmet is a road helmet offering fantastic comfort. And of course, it's highly protective too. 

    From the rush of racing in the peloton to a tough training session to a big day of riding in the mountains, the Ibex 2.0 Helmet is designed to keep you both safe and comfortable. The design has been honed in HJC's own wind tunnel to deliver uncompromising aero performance as well as tuned airflow to keep you cool. At the same time, there are no compromises when it comes to protecting your head in a crash. 

    Safety First.

    Starting with the all-important safety aspects, the Ibex 2.0 features a tough polycarbonate outer bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS foam liner. The polycarbonate outer adds structural integrity and strength, allowing for those 16 air vents without compromising crash protection. The foam inner itself provides energy dissipation and protection from the forces of crash impacts. The EPS foam is also reinforced by a skeletal frame integral to the core, increasing overall strength and holding the helmet intact during multiple impacts.

    A Perfect Fit. Every time. 

    A good fit is vital for both your safety in a crash and comfort on the bike. Here HJC introduces their Selfit system, doing away with a traditional dial system. First, An ergonomic 5-step snap-fit system lets you get a precise fit for your head shape every time.  As you ride and move around your bike, the system pivots and automatically adjusts the gap between your head and helmet, maintaining comfort and fit every time you move. Fit and forget. 

    Fast. And Cool. 

    The Ibex 2.0 Helmet has been honed to perform when you're both in the heat of competition and the heat of a scorching summer. Beginning with race-ready performance, the Ibex 2.0 has a superbly aerodynamic design, refined and perfected in HJC's own wind tunnel facility. The result is low levels of drag as you pick up speed. However, being fast is no good if you overheat and it's here the Ibex 2.0 works brilliantly to keep you cool too.

    With 16 vents in total and combining their Ventury Dynamics, Advanced Air-Channel Technology and CoolPath design, airflow is turbo-charged through the helmet to keep you incredibly cool and fresh. CoolPath replaces the inner padding to increase air circulation while the Ventury Dynamics uses pressure changes to suck air inside and push warm moist air out of the exhaust vents. This quickly dissipates the heat you build-up, cools your head and boosts comfort on the bike.

    From the rush of racing in a fast-moving peloton to the challenge of a mountainous sportive to a brutal interval session, the Ibex 2.0 Helmet keeps you safe, keeps you cooler and looks the part too. What's not to like? 


    • Developed in HJC's bespoke wind tunnel facility
    • In-mould EPS shock-absorbing core
    • Integrated Skeleton boost structural strength
    • Coolpath technology - light and airy performance
    • Ventury Dynamics airflow design
    • Advanced Air-Channel Technology
    • Antibacterial X-Static pads at the brow
    • HJC Selfit helmet adjustment
    • Unisex, universal fit
    • Weight: 200g (+/- 10)

    • Colour: WHITE-PINK, Black, White, Red-Black, Navy White, White Line Grey, Grey-Mint
    • Size: S (51-56cm), M (55-59cm), L(58-63cm)